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About Me

Felice DiAnna

Thank you for visiting my website.

Why did I become a healing practitioner? I was born with a great sensitivity to the energy around me. This combined with the circumstances I was born into, meant my path has always been to help and support others to lead happier and healthier lives.

My own journey has been anything but smooth. There have been many challenges both emotional and physical but through deep inner searching and spiritual healing I have been able to face and overcome them to become my true self. We all have unique gifts to share with those around us; mine is in energy healing. This Divine, gentle, intelligent yet powerful life force brings balance and healing to body, mind & spirit.

Having gone through my own transformation, my soul’s work is to help people. Together with in-depth learning, a lifetime of experience, and deep compassionate listening, I offer hands-on and distant energy healing. In an atmosphere of trust & integrity, I look forward to helping you connect to the Divine light within you to bring understanding, peace and healing into your life.

My passion is to help YOU.


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