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How Can Reiki and Reflexology Help My Health and Healing

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How Caroline received Reiki for support during breast cancer treatment
There is no convenient time to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but the timing of Caroline’s diagnosis was particularly difficult. Her husband was being sent to Madrid on a special assignment and she’d been looking forward to the time abroad and the opportunity to polish her Spanish. Now the timing of their trip coincided directly with the timing of her cancer treatment. Since her treatment could not be done in Spain, Caroline decided to commute. And look for extra help.
Being a mature woman, Caroline was practical enough to know she needed support on many levels. She needed emotional support to heal from the impact of the diagnosis and the anxiety that stalked her day and night. Her doctor warned that many people found the treatment itself to be exhausting, and Caroline would be adding to that with the fatigue of frequent flying. She was concerned about pain and, given her history of sensitivity to pharmaceuticals, she was sure she’d experience other treatment side effects.
Fortunately, her treatment center had a Reiki program. Caroline paired Reiki with each chemotherapy session and doctor visit. Because she was prone to anxiety even on a good day, she made a point to receive Reiki before her chemo. She found receiving Reiki first greatly reduced not only her anxiety, but also her pain.
Caroline weathered her treatment well and finished on time. Once they were resettled at home, Caroline continued receiving monthly Reiki privately. She eventually learned to practice Reiki self-care as a way to protect her health and manage her tendency toward anxiety.

How Susan received Reiki to help with fatigue
Susan had been a pediatric nurse for twenty years. She deeply loved caring for children but lately had to admit that fatigue was creeping into her days and keeping her from enjoying her time away from the hospital. Two of her nurse colleagues had recently learned to practice Reiki and kept offering her a session. She didn’t know why she felt shy about it, but when nothing else relieved this relentless tiredness, she decided to accept their invitation. Her colleagues came to her home to give her Reiki one Friday night. They made her promise to let herself sleep until she awakened on her own the next morning. There wasn’t much morning left when she woke up after 12 hours of the deepest sleep she could remember. Caroline called her friends to thank them, saying, “It’s as if my body had forgotten how to sleep well and the Reiki reminded it.”

How reflexology helped Tom with chemotherapy-induced nausea
I was in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Despite taking anti-nausea drugs, I felt constantly on the verge of vomiting. In fact, when my hospital reflexology therapist showed up for my session, I was about to throw up. But after asking my permission, the practitioner calmly performed a complete reflexology session on my feet, focusing on areas that corresponded to my stomach, intestine, and colon.
After 30 minutes, my nausea dropped from a 10 in severity to a 2, and I no longer needed to vomit. My nurse came in to give me nausea medication on time, but I told her I didn’t need it. Overall, I just felt more connected and at peace about being in the hospital, and I was no longer so afraid.
How reflexology helped Jessie with general health maintenance
I went to a reflexologist for 14 years, during three pregnancies. I always sought people who could help me heal the stress of my demanding job and life, and could contribute to my understanding of ways I could release stress and find balance in my own body. I used the 1- 1 1/2 hour sessions as meditations, and frequently felt so refreshed that a new awareness about my life and issues I was dealing with surfaced afterwards. I now come once a month for my “tune-up.”

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