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Preparing for a
Distant/Remote Healing


Distant/Remote Healing involves sending healing to a person who is not physically present in the room with me.  Distant/Remote Healing is an advanced form of energy healing and can be very effective. 

As discovered by Quantum Physics in the world of energy there is no such thing as time and space, therefore, energy healing is not restricted to any time or location.

I will set the intention that the healing is for your supreme good and that it be held in the purest love, light and compassion and that it will flow through you with grace and ease.

Here is how you prepare for your session:

  • Set your goals and intentions that you stay open to receiving the Sacred Healing Energy and that your journey into the energy is filled with the highest love, light, grace and ease.
  • Prepare a quiet and comfortable space where you can be peaceful and uninterrupted by people, phones and computers.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing. Remove your shoes, watches, jewelry and headbands, slides etc. 
  • You may want to dim the lighting in the room and play relaxing music. Make yourself  comfortable, close your eyes and relax.  Really enjoy this special time for yourself.

As you receive the healing energy you may feel some sensations, such as tingling, warmth and sometimes coolness.  Some people do not feel any sensations, but, be assured you will still receive this healing energy.  Emotions may change as old, negative energies are moved and cleared.  If you feel like crying allow the tears to flow. 

 Some people sleep throughout most of the session and others receive information which  might help bring insight and clarity to a situation.

 After your healing session, it is important to ground yourself slowly back into the present.

You can do this in a number of ways.

  • Walk around being very aware of your body.
  • Walk on the earth barefoot.
  • Sit quietly and imagine roots growing from your feet deep into the ground.
  • Anyway that works for you.

You may feel a little tired as you feel more relaxed.  Drink lots of fresh clean water and  eat healthy food.

It is advisable not to schedule any other form of bodywork for a few days after your  session in order to allow time for the balancing of the energies to become settled.