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Sacred Fusion Animal Healing



Restore, Balance and Energize

Since being very young, I have had a deep love for all animals. I have rescued many and I know how much unconditional love and joy they have gifted me. I know my animals have always been part of my family and are very important to me as I am sure yours are to you. As we bond with these wonderful creatures, a very special intimate relationship develops that enriches our lives. Animals are naturally more sensitive to emotional and subtle energies than we are and have fewer barriers to this type of healing   Because of their profound levels of understanding and communication, they are extremely receptive to receiving this energy and will often show signs of their awareness by becoming relaxed and sleepy.

Some of the Benefits:

This type of healing will help reduce pain and discomfort from any illness and condition. Will help boost the immune system and alleviate stiffness and joint pain in aging pets. It will help speed up recovery from surgery or injury and will help your pet settle into a new home or surroundings.

Before doing the healing I set the intention with you that the bonds of empathy, respect and love between you and your beloved furry companion be strengthened and that they have as long and happy life as possible.

At the end of life, Sacred Fusion Energy is soothing and provides gentle loving energy that comforts and relieves anxiety for your beloved animal.  It is also a wonderful support for the family at this very sad and stressful time.

Sessions are 20 minutes in duration

Spiritual Healing is intended to complement not replace traditional veterinary medicine.

Short Session20 minutes$75.00
*Prices subject to change without notice.