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Sacred Fusion Coaching



Understand, Discover, Empower

This is Life Coaching with a Spiritual twist.  It is coaching to discover your essence, the authentic you and your soul’s purpose, the amazing part of you that has been buried deep within.  My role is to be the catalyst and facilitator on your journey of discovery.  I will treat you with respect, honesty and integrity and provide you with deep intuitive and compassionate listening I bring with me vast experience from both the earthly and spiritual worlds. I can help you identify and release what is limiting you and help you reach the potential you seek.  Getting a fresh perspective from someone who won’t judge you, hold anything against you or tell you what you want to hear can give you the boost you need to get honest and get moving.

This is a journey of strengthening your spiritual powers and weakening your negative traits and desires – a journey of ethical self-mastery.  Honesty is one of the most difficult but one of the most important challenges in spiritual and personal development. Being honest with yourself and others will develop more self-respect and authenticity.  Your freewill actions speak louder than your words but it is important that you are truthful with your words.  We will explore your history and map out the next steps.  Together we will work to connect you to your own inner spiritual beliefs and develop practices that align you to your own Divine inner wisdom.  It is important to understand, however, that results will depend on your own readiness, openness and commitment to the process I believe that with the right application you will attain everything you hope for. Remember that a stationary object can rarely get moving on its own without some kind of external force or thrust of energy.  This is where Sacred Fusion Energy ignites you into motion and that is where I come in…guiding you, motivating you, encouraging and empowering you.  Spiritual growth takes work, honesty, integrity and responsibility and challenges you to open up to compassion and all that is.  It will enable you to live a more enriched and meaningful life, one of compassion, love, trust and knowing.  The journey will heighten your intuition and awareness, be enlightening and awe inspiring and your life will take on a whole new meaning and purpose as you peel the layers to reveal the authentic you!

Full Session60 minutes$200.00
*Prices subject to change without notice.