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Real Love is expressed by how a person treats you and not just their words.  Do not be fooled by words alone. Remember that we teach people how to treat us by establishing boundaries and sharing our values. When we meet someone we are attracted to we often project our own values onto them then later when we really get to know them we may feel very disappointed and disillusioned that they are very different from what we expected.  This is because we might be experiencing infatuation, lust or just wishful thinking but not real love.  However, here are some ways to recognize whether a relationship could very well be the real thing.

  1. Completely respecting each other as equals and treating each other in a caring, sharing and loving way.
  2. You are kind to each other. This means being loving, patient, considerate and generous with each other.  You don’t take your frustrations out on them.
  3. You want the best for each other and care about each other’s welfare.
  4. Building trust by keeping your promises to each other.
  5. Being committed and dedicated to always improving the relationship.
  6. Not playing games.
  7. You are faithful and honest and have no secrets from each other.
  8. You want the best and care about each other’s welfare.
  9. Sharing the same deep core values on the way you live your lives.
  10. Being committed to staying when the going gets tough- sticking around during rough times such as physical or mental illness, job loss, etc. However, it does not mean staying when your partner has stopped truly loving you and doesn’t want to fix things.

These are just a few ways to recognize true potential in a relationship.  Real love does not automatically happen.  It is something that we have to work towards, developing trust, communication, respect, compromise and compassion.  Remember COMMUNICATION is vital.