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We make choices all the time.  Simple choices, like what movie we want to see or what do want to eat for lunch don’t change the course of our lives or have any effect on other people.  However, there are many choices that do and those are the ones we struggle with.  Some of these are about job changes, moving to a different city, buying a home, marriage struggles etc. 

Here are nine ways to help you make good choices:

  1. When we struggle making a choice we need to ask ourselves does this make me feel anxious or does the idea of it make me feel good?  Feeling a little anxious when making life changing choices is usual, but, if the thought of making a choice causes you to feel nervous, then you should hold off until you have more clarity as this could be your intuition giving you guidance. 
  2. Focus on the main choice not the small issues surrounding it as this will waste your energy and will confuse you even more.
  3. Choices that affect other people who are close to you need checking out with your conscience with total honesty and integrity as otherwise, not only could you bring a lot of hurt and pain into peoples’ lives but you may later live with regret and that is hard to do. So take your time.
  4. Do not compromise your core values.
  5. All life changing choices should be made with the balance of heart and head.
  6. Look at the situation from every vantage point and listen to your intuition.  Ask yourself what might be the worst possible scenario if it doesn’t work out?  Will you be able to change your mind and direction without too much difficulty?  When you ask yourself these questions you gain important insight which will help guide you.
  7. Reflect on past experiences and learn from the choices you have made.
  8. Ask for advice from people you really trust and know have your best interests at heart.
  9. You need a plan.

There are no guarantees in life but by taking taking risks that have been carefully thought through together with a plan, you can achieve your goals and dreams as you wisely navigate this earthly existence..

Namaste and Blessings on your journey