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7 Transformational Habits for Spiritually-Minded People

A growing number of people want to bring more spiritual depth into their work and life. Here are seven practical ways:

1. Follow your heart.

Your heart is more than just a muscle that pumps blood. It connects with and informs the brain. What’s more, it connects with your soul. “The heart is … the light of truth,” as Ramana Maharishi said.

Your heart opens you to your inner truth and wisdom. Your heart, in effect, becomes your own personal wayshower, showing you how to live and love more fully. “You gotta have heart…”

2. Be mindful.

Mindfulness is that moment-to-moment awareness, without judging or reacting to what is happening. Mindfulness can come through meditating or can be practiced at any moment, doing anything.

Put differently, Wallace Wattles advised in the classic book The Science of Getting Rich not to hurry or worry. He further said to act from the Creative Plane, a higher realm of unity and potential. By mindfully being in the moment, you use time to go out of time, to intersect the finite with the infinite.

By being here now, you experience “spacious attention.”

3. Attune to nature.

Technology is great but the constant stimulation from media, computers, cell phones and the next wonderful thing can interfere with the natural cycles that balance us, and connect us to the natural world.

To live more richly, be aware of the nature that is all around you. Our biological clock puts us in order, to align with our best self.

Set a break to walk outside, smell the air, watch the sky, both day and night. Take a walk.

Be aware of the sun setting and rising. Connect your sleep cycles with those rhythms too when possible.

We are a part of nature, and it’s wonderful to realize that rather than to just ignore it.

4. Clear obstacles.

Living involves conflicts and stressors. So inner blocks and resistance naturally arise. You can use this discontent, these restrictions as doorways for liberation.

We use holistic EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Spiritual Kinesiology as fast, deep and elegant ways to clear.

5. Look for the good.

Amid the challenges we face, good things do happen. It’s wise to make a habit of seeking out the good each day.

Right now you can look around at your surroundings for something uplifting. It can be a picture, a tree or flower, a person or something else.

In more troubling situations (a loss, illness, accident) you can condition yourself to find meaning and purpose in the situation. You can connect the challenge to your spiritual journey of growth, resilience and transcendence.

6. Experiment.

In business, success comes from trial and error. So too in life itself.

Stability is important, but too much routine leads to complacency and stagnation. Being on autopilot with your patterns can be deadening.

Try different things. Use your non-dominant, opposite hand to brush your teeth, hair or to shave. Speak to new people, like those at the grocery store line.

Look for that new way of doing things. Opportunities then have a way of presenting themselves more easily.

7. Be a lifelong learner.

People like renowned speaker Jim Rohn or entrepreneur Mark Cuban have attributed their success in part to being “a voracious learner.”

Lifelong learning is essential. The perennial quest for knowledge is fun and exciting too.


These seven transformational habits directly lead to valuing yourself and your life. Every moment is a breath of life.

As you take it in more intentionally, you do transform, more of you shows up and life becomes a beautiful journey.